What is a Videographer Superman

What is a Videographer Superman? Kryptonite Astoundingly Powerful

Simply put…what is a Videographer Superman? One who is responsible for recording real live events and typically helps in videotaping small scale video productions.

Videographers will normally focus on smaller productions like documentaries, live events, wedding events, short films, legal depositions, birthday parties, sports events, training videos, commercials, and other like video content.  In smaller video productions, a videographer will often work alone with a single-camera and limited equipment setup or work sometimes with a small core team of light and sound technicians.

What is a Videographer Superman?  Tread Productions Cinematography Production Services
What is a Videographer?

What is a Videographer and What Do Videographers Do?

Tread Productions Cinematography - What is a Videographer?

Videographers specialize in shooting and editing high-definition videos of many different types of events and after completion making them presentable to their clients. They are primarily responsible for having their own video equipment, coordinating with clients to learn what preferences or requests they may have, capturing & recording events from the best angles, and producing their captured video results quickly and accurately. A videographer most of the time may travel to several different places, help in directing their clients on what to do during live filming, and will edit any obstructions captured to produce an optimal video result. Professional videographers always focus on building a personal rapport with their clients to establish a larger client base and to earn more future projects.

Unlike cinematographers that specialize in filming and producing movies, videographers will focus on smaller productions like weddings, birthday parties, documentaries, commercials, and training videos for a company. Videographers may film movies, but when they do typically their work is limited to short films.

What is a Videographer Superman or one who work for a company are normally called corporate videographers. Their roles are primarily limited to making video documentation that helps in advancing the company business. For example, if they are working for a firm that sells products online, their tasks may involve making a short video about the company’s new product lines and product offerings that would be posted on its website product department. During the company’s community outreach programs and hosting charity events, the videographer is responsible for recording the entire event and activities.

Tread Productions Cinematography - What is a Videographer?

Other responsibilities of corporate videographers might include recording meetings for documentation purposes or operating the equipment to facilitate videoconferencing sessions among executives located in the corporation’s different branches around the world and other corporate operations events.

Freelance videographers have much more flexibility in choosing the kinds of projects they want to work on. For example, they may be able to ask for special permits to take footages of exclusive locations that are not otherwise open to the public. Many Freelance videographers may also be able to copyright their completed work and it to post online to their video channels. This helps in their showcases to highlight their abilities and may help them get more freelance work and even bigger projects in the future. However, the downside of being a self-employed videographer is that they must work much harder to get work projects. Most must join in the bidding process for new work projects and have to convince companies or film outfits that they the skills and tools to deserve being selected for the job.

Outdoor Videographer
Freelance Videographers

Videographers work in many locations, and some do work outdoors and in remote locations. In these cases, they have to set up their equipment and must be prepared for all situations to make the necessary adjustments to their lenses, microphones, lights and equipment in order to capture the video footage successfully. Videographers all have to be ready to work in changing weather conditions and bring all their necessary equipment with them while they are on location at all times.

Videographers are also responsible for selecting and choosing the right equipment to shoot a scene. From the lenses to the type of camera, and to the required props, professional videographers must make sure that they have everything they need to be able to get the best film footages possible. Maintaining equipment and ensuring that they function optimally are part and parcel of the job of all good videographers. They must see to it that their audio and video recorders, cameras, lighting devices and other equipment are properly calibrated and maintained. In doing so, they are always certain that their equipment will function when needed no matter where they are shooting the video footages.

Videographers editing software and equipment
Studio Editing Software

Editing the footages gathered is also another responsibility of videographers, although in larger production outfits, editors are responsible for the job. They typically do this in the studio after the videos have already been obtained. Successful videographers usually use editing software to cut out the parts of a video captured that are not necessary to the finished product. They may also elect to add graphics, text or other special effects to the video footage. Videographers working with television stations may also be asked to prepare the background footages that reporters use for their special reporting needs.

Skilled Videographers don’t just take videos or maintain equipment. They play an integral role in the entire creative video production process. For example, many may make suggestions to the editor on how a particular scene should be shot to better highlight a subject’s features. In smaller production outfits, they may also make recommendations as to what topics to cover or the personalities to interview for a documentary. Videographers who are good at what they do are also asked to maintain a blog that would update their clients on the projects and what their team is currently working on.

Videographer Operations Management
Operations Management

Videographers who operate their own video production outfits or personal LLC’s may not necessarily be found doing all the video recording work. Many are focused and concerned over running their business by hiring the right or best videographers and other personnel, ensuring that they are trained well and getting them paid correctly on time. They will also spend time on promoting their firms to production outfits to help in bagging a new project, writing contract bids and keeping track of their firm’s financial records. Most importantly all need to see to it, that their permits and licenses to operate as a company are valid and that their tax obligations are paid correctly and promptly on time.

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